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Were Fully Mobile!!
This means that we can come to you. Our blasting unit is designed to be mobile and is self-contained. The only thing that we will need you to supply is water
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We are offering a discount for the months of September, October and November 2010
We will also beat any quote given locally
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Argyll Blast Services

Dunbeg by Oban, Argyll, Scotland

The Farrow System
Argyll Blast Services are the only Fully Certified, Fully Insured and Fully Trained Farrow System Operators in Scotland as approved by the Farrow System. We offer a revolutionary way of eco-friendly low pressure blasting, using mobile equipment supplied by The Farrow System. (more...)
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Mobile Blast Services all over Scotland
The Farrow system is an extremely flexible cleaning solution. Using a unique volcanic crystal media combined with heat, it provides fast, safe, and economical cleaning. Here at Argyll Blast Services we use a Farrow 185 System which provides both portability and the flexibility to tackle some of the most difficult to access jobs. The Farrow System makes light work of potentially difficult cleaning tasks in a safe, fast, efficient and more importantly environmentally friendly way.

Examples of the work we undertake are removal and restoration of:

* Protective coatings,
* Oxidation,
* Graffiti,
* Industrial coatings,
* Paint,
* Tar,
* Varnish,
* Anti-foul,
* Barnacles,
* Thermo plastic lining(old road lines),
* Car/lorry wheels,
* Car/lorry chassis,
* Grime,
* Chewing Gum,
* Leisure Pool cleaning
* Brickwork Restoration
* Street furniture,
* Playground equipment,
* Restore monuments and plaques
* Rust/Corrosion and Scale

From all types of surfaces (wood, plastics, steel, aluminium, brass, tile, concrete, asphalt, stone, brick ) without damage to the underlying structure.

Based in Dunbeg by Oban, our services are available throughout Scotland to all industries including marine, building, commercial, mining, retail, aviation etc.
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Eco-friendly Low Pressure Blasting
Systems using old fashioned sandblasting are more likely to over blast your surface and damage it, as they have less control, take less time and use coarser blast media.

Thousands of people all over the world trust this system. Not only does it remove old antifoul, it can be used to restore antique furniture and restore monuments.

The Farrow system was featured on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World television programme. It has proved itself to be the most advanced, versatile, safe, efficient and effective system for the removal of a wide range of coatings, from a variety of surfaces.

The Farrow System has been specifically designed to produce a totally safe, 100% environmentally friendly low pressure blast cleaning system for all types of surfaces without the use of any harmful chemicals or toxic fumes.

Traditional water blasters use approximately 20 litres of our precious commodity every minute. This water, along with contaminants from the surface being cleaned, is then dispersed in large volumes into our environment. The Farrow System uses as little as 0.5 litres of water per minute, dramatically reducing the clean up liability.

Dry sand blasting causes severe dust problems which in turn create significant health issues. Such systems should only be used in suitable blast enclosures. The media usage from traditional sand blasting techniques can be as high as 500kg per hour. With the remarkable Farrow System your media usage is reduced to as little as 30kg per hour, which, when mixed and absorbed with the small quantity of water, greatly reduces any environmental risk and simplifies clean up. This saves you time and money.

The Farrow System's outstanding environmental features are probably best illustrated by the fact, that it holds approval to be operated in Australia's prestigious Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
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